Unlock your potential, feel lighter and freer as you find yourself in a new and rewarding relationship with

your own body. You will invite your hormones to find lasting balance, reduce systemic inflammation,

remove brain fog, and help your gut heal and even thrive. 


It starts with love. Together, we are going to work through obstacles and obstructions and uncover what

is in the way of truly providing your body with the love and nourishment that heals the old and opens a

clear pathway for the healthiest, happiest you! 


We’ll start with a 28-day guided predominantly food-based program, designed to give you immediate and impactful results. The Nourish program has the potential to finally release the things that have been stuck too long—physical, emotional and even spiritual things that have become stagnant, and allow you to experience
a lighter, happier, more vibrant you. But that is just the beginning. 


Nourish isn’t just a quick-start program though. Nourish is a lifestyle. Join us in the Nourish community to receive access to support, encouragement, exclusive articles, discounts and the tips, tricks, and tools you need to finally clear the way for the complete and total nourishment of your whole self. 

For just one $78 registration fee, you will receive:

* The exclusive Nourish Guide e-book

* Complete access to the 28-day guided online course, including structured content,

exclusive videos, recipes and other helpful tidbits that encourage you to show up with your best self

* A cohort of other program participants, both past and present, within the Nourish Community

* In-person guidance from April Kline, author of Nourish, in weekly support group calls. She will offer encouragement and motivation, answer specific questions, and give structured guidance for next stages. 


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