A lighter, freer you is waiting!

Unlock your potential—feel lighter and freer as you find yourself in

new and rewarding relationship with your own body.

In just 28 days, we will:

• Find lasting balance for your hormones

• Remove brain fog

• Reduce systemic inflammation

• Gently & thoroughly eliminate toxins which encourages
your body to let go of unnecessary weight

• Fire up your metabolism

• Help your gut heal and even thrive 

• Naturally boost your immune system

• Calm your nervous system so you feel less "triggery"


You've tried cobbling together information from dozens of sources,. You've seen all the specialists who were supposed to have all the "answers." You've tried all the supplements that were supposed to fix all the issues. You've tried intermittent fasting, weight loss programs, gym memberships, talk therapy, maybe even medication or meditation. . .
and nothing has worked.


That's because what you really need is a program that was designed specifically for you. You also need a trusted, personal guide who will fine-tune and customize
the program based on what you are experiencing,


Nourish is a proven, simple-to-follow 28-day program

developed by Midwife and Intuitive Nutrition Coach, April Kline.
This program works because it is evidence-based and because you are
truly midwifed throughout the process.



Together, we will uncover the real reasons you have been sick, stuck and depressed,
work through those obstacles, and finally heal what has kept you lugging around
extra pounds, suffering with brain fog, riding a rollercoaster of emotions, and spending
your nights sweaty and sleepless..


It's time to LOVE your body... Yes, YOU!
YOU can LOVE your body!


This program is personally guided (remember, I'm a midwife so I kinda know how to help people do difficult things!), gentle, effective and evidence-based and will finally heal the core issues that have held you back from being the healthiest, happiest you! 


The first step is a thorough intake session with complete history. Then we move into the prep step where we prepare mentally, physically and emotionally. The third step is the proven 28-day food-based program that I created to give you immediate, impactful and lasting results. Nourish has changed hundreds of women's lives.  helping them finally release the things that were stuck too long—physical, emotional and even spiritual things—leaving them

lighter, brighter and freer. 

If you feel like you've "tried everything," but nothing has worked,

Nourish is what you have been looking for.

Book your free consultation with April today to find out how Nourish

can help you unleash your lightest, brightest, healthiest self.

I am on the last day of a 6 step program about overall wellness that I’ve been doing for almost a month. My reintroduction to a new normal starts tomorrow and lasts about a week, and I’m finding it hard to express in words all that I’ve gained from this program. New ideas, new foods, new daily practices, and a very new freedom to simply be me.

If any of you are struggling with nutrition, self worth, hormones, thyroid, etc., please reach out. There’s an angel of a human that I’d love to introduce you to. April has guided me through so much with such a firm, but gentle touch, and her wisdom is something to behold.

      – Kelly Arceo


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