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You want to thrive - not just go through the motions.

April weaves powerful healing from over twenty years of education and experience in massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, optimal pregnancy, birth and postpartum health - the science and art of childbearing, and lactation consulting, as well as deep knowledge of trauma resolution, body-mind connection, whole-person health, and newborn and baby care including feeding, crying, digestive issues, stress, and sleeplessness into exquisitely individualized sessions that gently and firmly encourage healing AT THE ROOT LEVEL.

Wellness of the body is not more important than wellness of the mind and spirit. Each is equally important, and improving wellness of one,

improves wellness of the others.

– April Kline

Drawing on elements of Whole-Person ListeningTM, CranioSacral and Somatoemotional Release therapeutic techniques, trauma resolution, conscious prayer practices, personalized postural adjustments, suggestions for deep self-care, body-spirit reconnection, guided meditation, wellness and nutrition, April deftly and kindly creates opportunity for immediate and lasting healing of your body, mind, and spirit.

• Gain effective techniques to help you release stress, fear and anxiety.
• Build and support your body's natural optimal wellness.
• Find agency and even meaning in situations that have felt overwhelming and out of control.
• Learn simple and immediately applicable tools to help navigate your reality.

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